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How to check if whatsapp is updated free download. Alternatively, you can search for WhatsApp in the Play Store and hit "Update." Remember, you want to make sure the app updates to version The screenshot above shows what the app looks. Go to the App Store and search for WhatsApp. Tap UPDATE next to WhatsApp Messenger. To make sure that your device is safe from prying eyes and ears, though, you'll need to make sure that the WhatsApp on your phone is up-to-date.

Hopefully, your phone automatically has updated. - Turn on WhatsApp application on your phone and then select Options. - In Options section, you can tap on Settings and choose Updates. - Tap on Check for updates to see whether there is any newer version available.

If there is, you can go with the instructions on the screen to download and install the update on your phone. 2. Upgrade WhatsApp. To check for the available updates, open App Store. On devices running iOS 12 and below, tap on the Updates tab at the bottom.

You will see. Open Whatsapp on your phone, Tap on the 3 vertical dots on the top right Then tap on WhatsApp web, a new window will open, Here see the list of last used clients, if you don’t recognize it, then chances are someone is hacking into your conversations and WhatsApp activities on your phone. Your status updates can only be seen by someone if you have their phone number in your phone's address book and they have your phone number in their phone’s address book.

You can choose to share your status updates with all your contacts or selected contacts only. By default, your status updates are shared with all your contacts. Steps On How To Stop Whatsapp application From Asking You For Updates. (i) Off your mobile data (ii) Open the whatsapp and when it asks of you to install or update.

Unlike your profile, the Status updates on WhatsApp do alert you to who may be stalking, or simply checking out, your account. To check who has viewed your status follow these steps. Click on your status and click the “Eye” icon at the bottom. Let’s see how it works with this example: We want to find out if our contact John has blocked our account.

You open his contact on WhatsApp and notice that his “Last Seen” does not appear. You also notice that double ticks on your messages have not shown up, and that his profile picture has disappeared. On the installed apps list, check for a new WhatsApp update Step 4.

Tap on WhatsApp and then the Update options which will be present on the right side of the Install option. Step 5: The WhatsApp Update process will begin and it will take just a few minutesAuthor: Rohan Jaitly. WhatsApp update: WhatsApp is everywhere and everyone seems to be using it. For business or pleasure, when it comes to communicating, WhatsApp is the most direct and quick way to express what you want to say.

Over time it has acquired various bells and whistles that makes customisation possible and you can even attempt to make your chats look good. WhatsApp is rolling out a new Status feature to all users. Instead of the text-only status that lets people know whether you're busy or available to chat, the new Status feature uses photos, text. Meanwhile, WhatsApp too has updated its status privacy feature. If you view someone's status update with Read receipts off, they won't get to know that you have seen the status.

To update WhatsApp on Android, you need to first open the Google Play Store, and click on the menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Then, select 'My Apps & Author: Olivia Tambini. When you check the WhatsApp status of a specific user, you will notify the user and know who checked it.

However, there is a way for you to check someone’s status without knowing them. You need to use the feature named “Read Receipt”on WhatsApp inorder to to access this. How to update WhatsApp on an Android. 1. Tap the Google Play Store icon on your Android's home screen. 2.

Tap the three horizontally stacked lines. 3. Tap "My apps & games." Jennifer Still. Similar to Android, iPhone users too face the WhatsApp update not working issue sometimes, for some known/unknown reasons. Now that we are done with the possible solutions if your WhatsApp is not updating on Android, let's have a look on the solutions for iPhone. 1. Check WhatsApp is available on your country. 2 days ago  How to secretly check WhatsApp status of your contacts.

To ensure that your contact doesn’t know that you are viewing their status all you need to do is change some settings. Like android iPhone also has two ways through which you can update WhatsApp, follow the below steps.

How to update WhatsApp on iPhone to the latest version. Step 1: Open your iPhone and go to the App Store. Step 2: After that, you need to tap on Updates.

Step 3: On the new page you need to tap on UPDATE next to WhatsApp Messenger. Alternatively. WhatsApp has made a small change to this functionality now. Previously you could disable the Read receipts and see the Status update. Now when you turn on the Read receipts, the chat app will automatically send the Read receipts to that contact even if you don't open the status update. New US lawsuits could force Facebook to sell WhatsApp, Instagram.

Facebook Inc could be forced to sell its prized assets WhatsApp and Instagram after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and nearly every U.S. state filed lawsuits against the social media company, saying it used a "buy or bury" strategy to snap up rivals and keep smaller competitors at bayNew US lawsuits could force Facebook to.

Presently, all WhatsApp updates are made via blog post - which may or may not reach all users. Hence, users can now stay updated about the new features with the new in-app notification or. 1 day ago  WhatsApp has introduced a new beta update for iOS and it has new options and several bug fixes, Wabetainfo said in a post. The beta update for. As such, it is important to check that your phone has the right version, which will show alongside the update. On iOS, it should be versionand on.

However, to enable the feature of ‘disappearing messages’ in WhatsApp, make sure you have updated the app beforehand. After updating WhatsApp, you need to open a particular chat and go to the information section (the three vertical dots at the top) and then tap on the ‘View Contact’ Sejal Agarwal. If you’re an iPhone user: Open the App Store on your mobile device Hit the tab “Updates” along the bottom right If your WhatsApp has not been updated, a Author: Jennifer Hassan.

On a PC, if you downloaded WhatsApp via the Microsoft Store, run software update for all apps in the store, and if there’s a WhatsApp update, be sure to download it. On a PC, if you downloaded. How to update WhatsApp. For iPhone users - go to the app store, tap on updates and refresh, then tap update next to the WhatsApp messenger.

To see all content on The Sun. The WhatsApp flaw can be installed without a trace Open up your WhatsApp app first and make sure to back up any chats or images, you don’t want them to disappear in the update. WhatsApp new cart feature: In order to make the WhatsApp platform even more interesting for shoppers, the messenger has introduced a new feature —carts.

This new feature enables shoppers with easy shopping experience. The Whatsapp "Add to Cart" feature will now enable users to browse through catalogue and add multiple products from one merchant. Also check: How to bypass WhatsApp Fingerprint lock without root. 3. Hide particular contacts from viewing your story. Stories are a great way of expressing your mood and can be quite personal.

If you don’t want to share them with all WhatsApp contacts, you can prohibit particular contacts from viewing your status updates or stories as they. However, there's a catch to this. You can't see the names of everyone who has viewed your story. Just the other day, my friend told me that she can't see. Check Update for WhatsApp is an Android app that helps ensure that your WhatsApp app is up-to-date.

Check Update for WhatsApp is a simple Android app that has one job and does it well: ensure that the current version of your WhatsApp app matches the latest version available on the website.4/5(71). Here click on WhatsApp Web option and you can check for any device or App which has access to your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Showing a PC having an Access to your WA Account If one or several computers with open session appear which you have not given access to, then your WhatsApp account is compromised to another device. Open Your WhatsApp and go to Status Tab. Tap on the three dots next to My Status as shown in the image given below. Now you will get all the numbers who viewed your status updates.

To view who viewed your status, tap view eye icon. Mimicking Snapchat or Instagram stories, Whatsapp has turned it's status text into a hour-long picture or video that is pretty easy to upload.

Follow these steps to use Whatsapp status: Check you have the latest version of Whatsapp, the first that includes the status update is ; Open the app, where you'll notice the middle tab reads Author: Max. D Gray. Update 2: Well, a year down the line, the app still functions like it previously did.

By that I mean, it’s a fake, and it does not show the names of people who recently checked your WhatsApp profile, but rather shows some random name. So to avoid creating misunderstandings, refrain from using this app.

Muting in WhatsApp works similarly for all three — Chat, Status, and Groups. All three are relatively easy to use, while the unmuting process is also just as straightforward.

As Status updates aren’t intrusive, you don’t get the option to see just the notifications — like the other two. How to identify fake news on WhatsApp Images and videos When you receive an image or a video that mentions a particular incident, use Google to check if there has been any such incident. Check if your battery life hasn't suddenly dropped; See if your data usage has suddenly spiked; Be careful what you click on; Install Lookout Security App; and; Update your version of WhatsApp.

If you see the name of the person whom you wanted to check here, they have your phone number. Keep in mind that a contact who has your phone number but rarely uses WhatsApp will not show up in the "READ BY" section until the next time they use K.

And so to WhatsApp’s latest planned update to make its 2 billion users even more secure and protected from prying eyes, while adding some neat new functionality as well. - How To Check If Whatsapp Is Updated Free Download © 2013-2021